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2. Region, city, itinerary

Ulan-Ude – Verkhnaya Berezovka – Ivolginskiy Datsan – Tarbagatai

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4. The complexity, style of the tour

Easy, comfortable

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7. Number of people

No limits

8. Booking conditions

5-7 days before the tour start

1 day

Sightseeing tour of the city of Ulan-Ude: the place of the foundation of the city, the Orthodox Odigitria Cathedral, the central square of Soviets with monument to Lenin, the former market square, Gostiny Dvor.

Ethnographic museum of Baikal region nationalities located in Verkhnyaya Berezovka village, on the territory of 23 hectares, settlements of all ethnic groups of the region are shown as independent complexes: Buryat, old believers, Evenks, Russian old-timers.


One of the oldest religions that has long existed in Buryatia is shamanism. Shamanism is based on the belief in the ability of certain people to communicate directly with spirits and various natural forces. Shaman means "knowing". Today we offer you to participate in a shamanic ritual.

Lunch with traditional Buryat cuisine.

Walking sightseeing tour of the city Opera and Ballet Theater, souvenir shops, market.

Dinner of national Buryat cuisine with a concert of Buryat folklore.


Day 2

At the foot of the Khamar-Daban ridge, on the steppe expanses, in a quiet tract, 38 kilometers from Ulan –Ude, is the spiritual capital of the Buddhist traditional sangha of Buryatia - Ivolginsky Datsan. Ivolginsky Datsan was opened in 1945. Recently, the most precious shrine – the imperishable body of Pandido Hambo-Lama Dashi-Dorjo Itigelov has been kept in the datsan.

Today we will visit the datsan, attend the morning service, meet with lamas, visit the business and information center of the Institute of Hambo-Lama Itigelov.

For lunch we will arrive in the village of Tarbagatai located 52 km away to the South-East of Ulan-Ude. The village is situated on the river Kuitunka (a tributary of the Selenga). It was founded in the early 18th century. Tarbagatai is an area rich in “tarbagans” (marmots).

“Semeyskiye” is a very bright and ancient branch of the Russian people - a particle of pre-Petrine Moscow. In the second half of the XVIII century, by decree of Catherine II, the forcible expulsion of dissenters from the borders of Poland, Belarus and Ukraine took place. They settled in whole families (semiya), so they were later called "Semeyskiye". These are Russian Old Believers living in Siberia, including Buryatia. A group of followers of ancient Orthodoxy. During the tour, you will fully immerse yourself in the life of the Semeyskye: visit the museum, the church (where you will be introduced to the canons and taught to pray in the Old Believers ' way), visit a semeyskiy house, see the Russian stove and the village courtyard, listen to songs and take part in the wedding ceremony, taste their traditional dishes.

In the evening we will return to the hotel in Ulan-Ude.