Visa to Russia

Visa to Russia

Visa to Russia is obligatory for foreign travelers who are planning to cross Russian border, regardless the aim of the visit. Even citizens of several countries which Russia has “no visa” relationship, visa is necessary in case of arrival with working or studying aim. They can enter Russia with travel or guest visit without visa.

Travel invitation and voucher is the simplest way to apply for visa to Russia. Dalgeo Tours travel company is the member Federal Tour Operators Register РТО № 22801. Membership gives us the right to provide foreign travelers with visa invitation and voucher to apply for Russian visa.    

Issuing travel invitation and voucher on our web-site is the minimum efforts and maximum result. Just send your message to email with  your request. The documents are prepared in a few hours.

At applying for visa in Russian Consulate with our travel invitation and voucher there is no any obstacle. The documents are issued for the period of staying in Russia not more than 30 days with single/double entry to Russia and possibility to visit any territory/city in Russia. To issue travel invitation and voucher we need just your passport copy and confirmed hotel booking.

Invitation and voucher charge

(to apply for visa)


No order of tour (service)

1500 rub / $25   

In case of order tour (service) in our company

free of charge


1.    Migration card issued at crossing the border during Passport Control should be kept until departure from Russia. It is required to be presented at Passport Control at departure from Russia.

2.    At arrival to Russia visa is to be registered. The simplest and fastest way to register visa is during staying at hotel. The hotel is responsible for your visa registration. But, if you do not stay at hotel, this is your responsibility to register visa at Passport-Visa Control local departments

-       by personal visit

-       by sending the list of necessary documents via “Pochta Rossii” (Russia Mail).

-       by order service “visa registration” in Dalgeo Tours Company

3. In case of staying less than 5 days in Russian, visa registration is not necessary.

E-Visa simplified regime to enter Russia

Since the beginning of 2021, Russia has introduced a simplified regime of entry using a single E-Visa. The government of the Russian Federation has approved the list of 52 countries whose citizens can visit our country with E-Visa. E-Visa is valid all-round the territory of the Russian Federation. You can cross the border through any borderline checkpoint, regardless of the region, and travel all over Russia. E-Visa is issued at Migration Service internet portal for tourism, business, humanitarian and guest aims of visits. It does not require invitations, hotel reservations, or any other documents confirming the purpose of the trip. This type of visa is issued free of charge; each tourist can apply for it independently or ask for help from a local travel agency.

Conditions of E-Visa issue:

1. Traveler’s Passport should be valid for 6 months more after the date of E-Visa start and have one free page.

2. E-Visa is available for traveler’s crossing the border at a special borderline checkpoint, regardless of the region, and travel throughout the country.

3. E-Visa is issued only for a single entry to Russia and is valid for 30 days from the date of its issue.

4. The period of stay on the territory of the Russian Federation at E-Visa cannot exceed 16 days from the date of crossing the Russian border and should be within the 30-day validity of the visa.

5. The period of stay for E-Visa is 16 days and cannot be prolonged.


As You know, travelling in borderline territories in Russia is regulated by special regime. Any traveler in borderline territory, no matter foreign or Russian citizen, is to have special permission to enter borderline territory. In the list of such territories in the Russian Far East are: Chukotka autonomous region, northern territories of Sakha (Yakutia) republic, some territories of Khabarovskiy, Primorskiy & Amurskiy regions. If You are planning a trip to borderline territory, You should have a permission issued by Russian Borderline Service. Our company helps to prepare such a permission, which should be applied in 50 days before the trip. Below are necessary data from foreign traveler to apply for permission:

1.    Passport copy;

2.    Russian visa copy;

3.    Aim of the visit to borderline territory;

4.    Residential address in homeland, address of stay in Russia during the trip;

5.    Working place and position;

6.    Tour program in borderline territory;

7.    Confirmed booking of the hotel in borderline territory.


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