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Dalgeo Tours Director, Tatiana Yakovenko

I am native far-easterner, I was born and spent my whole life in Khabarovsk. All my childhood I loved to sit at the Amur river shore, where we lodged, enjoying the sunsets and the beauty of nature, first flakes of snow and first drip of thawing snow, ripples on the river and waves after passing ships. Even now when due to my profession I have to spend most of the time in the office, I can’t help “charging” stroll along the Amur, walking along our beautiful streets or going out to the nature regularly.

I adore my profession which gave priceless chance to meet and get endless energy and warmth from our guests from all over the world. My job gave me opportunity to travel all over the Far East together with my tourists and at the same time researching and getting in love with my region more and more. From 2000, when I start my career in tourism, I met thousands of tourists and do not remember anyone who departed from here unimpressed.

Russian Far East is unique inimitable environment. This is the territory of peculiar people, and journeys turn into unforgettable stories. Russian Far East versatile, immensely unbounded and exquisite. Indeed, the beauty and the width strike everyone arriving here.

Now it is your turn. We are eager to meet you here!

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