1. If you have only heard about Chukotka from anecdotes and have no idea where it is, you can still find it very easily on the map – it is really located at the end of the world between Eurasia and America. Look for the farthest corner of the Earth, and you will not be mistaken.

  2. Now ponder its proportions: Chukotka is more than 720 000 sq km is exactly two times larger than Germany! And the population – 50,000 people as in Moscow quarter. That is why there is plenty of wild animals here, and you will not see such an abundance of walruses, whales, and deer anywhere else. Experienced guides can show you thousands of walrus rookeries, as well as lead you to visit a polar bear on Wrangel island. You will be able to visit his lair and return safe and happy.

  3. Only here you can see the traditional harpoon hunting of indigenous people for walrus and whale, as well as spearing walrus – a unique tradition that has been preserved here since the stone age. But local hunters are very careful about the surrounding nature and take only what is necessary for their survival.

  4. And what are your impressions of the meeting with the whales! When these giants surround the boat and dance peacefully around it, waving their tails at you in a friendly way and stroking the sides of the boat with their rough skin covered with shells! Only here you can try "mantak" – whale skin and lard – the traditional food of the locals is a very high-calorie product with a pleasant taste and rich in vitamins.

  5. Chukotka is a harsh region, but local people managed to adapt to its conditions thousands of years ago, and today we can see examples of two main systems of human adaptation to a cold climate: the culture of sea hunters and the culture of tundra reindeer herders. These people live in complete harmony with nature, probably also because they call themselves "real people". We can not only visit them and share their exotic food, but also visit their traditional holidays: the deer festival in tundra and the whale festival on the coast.

  6. All trips to Chukotka begin in Anadyr – the capital of the Chukotka autonomous region – a bright and pretty city that clings to a rock in all winds. From there, we visit sea hunters and travel by motor boat through the territory of the amazing National Park "Beringia", watch herds of whales, walruses, bird markets. After that, we make our way deep into the tundra on all-terrain vehicles. There we stay in yarangi with hospitable local reindeer herders, observe their difficult nomadic life, and take part in their daily household chores.

  7. After the tundra again keep the way to the sea – to Lorino village of whalers. We study the life of sea whalers, go with them to the sea to observe and photograph rare animals.

  8. Nothing can compare in beauty with the Northern Lights, which can be seen most of the year in Chukotka. Stunning sky paintings in the form of glow are here in red-purple and green-blue palettes.

  9. Upon returning to Anadyr, we meet with our old friends – the national Chukchi-Eskimo ensemble "Ergyron" and share our impressions, go to visit the bone cutters for Chukchi souvenirs made of walrus tusk and deer antlers.

  10. And how without a glass of champagne under the Arctic Circle Arch! Passing under it, you will find yourself in the Arctic! Chukotka is characterized by such a phenomenon as the polar night, when the sun does not leave the horizon for more than a day and does not go beyond it.


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