Why do you need it?

зж.pngVarity of languages: Russian, English, German, French, Japanese. The above native speakers can join in one group for city sightseeing.

лл.pngNo chance to miss the excursion:

  • summer time (April, 25 – October, 10) every Sunday 14:00-17:00;

  • winter time (October, 10 – April, 25) on request.

гн.pngFull and most important information and impression about the city.

гшн.pngSeveral itineraries: 

  1. 3hours: the Amur Cliff – Assumption Cathedral & Komsomolskaya square – Glory square & Transfiguration Cathedral – Muraviev-Amurskiy street – Lenin (Central) square - Railways square & Erofey Khabarov statue – the Amur Bridge.

  2. 2hours (no visit to Amue Bridge): Railways square – Lenin (Central) square – Muraviev-Amurskiy street – Glory square & Transfiguration Cathedral – Assumption Cathedral & Komsomolskaya square – the Amur Cliff.

  3. 8hours: to Nanai aboriginal village Sikachi Alyan & legendary petroglyphs. 

гш8.pngCheaper than individual excursion. usd23 per pax per excursion.

щз.pngCity center map and a bottle of pure water for present.

куе.pngEasy to sing-up. Just send your request from this site or order at the Reception of the hotel you stay. 


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