Buryatia republic

Buryatia republic



  1. Buryatia is a unique republic located on the right bank of lake Baikal – the cleanest and deepest lake on Earth. Many legends and legends are associated with the purest and transparent oxygenated water of Bakal. Local residents feel awe of the greatness of lake Baikal.

  2. The heart of lake Baikal – Olkhon island has a magical attraction, from here all your wishes and aspirations will definitely reach the heavenly “office”. But first you need to make friends with the local spirit – Burhan and make special ritual to please him.

  3. Ulan-Ude, the capital of Buryatia, is home to the largest statue of Lenin's head in Russia and the world. The monument is 7.5 meters high and weighs 42 tons.

  4. The world's only Atlas of Tibetan Medicine is kept in the Buryat Museum of History.

  5. The center of Buddhism in Russia – Ivolginsky Datsan is 30 km from Ulan-Ude. Tourists and pilgrims from all over the world come to datsan to visit the sarcophagus of Hambo Lama Dashi-Dorji Itigelov. He voluntarily went to nirvana in 1927 and was buried in a state of meditation. The body and brain of a Lama are still alive and indicate the state of a living organism.

  6. Most of the population are Buryats - one of the branches of the Mongolian nation professing Buddhism and shamanism. But in Buryatia, there is also a village of old believers - ancient Christians who have kept traditions since the middle ages and inherited to this day the folk singing traditions of ancient Russian musical culture.

  7. Buryat cuisine is nomad dishes that are rich, fat and rich. These are mainly meat and flour dishes that are easy to prepare. King of Buryat cuisine – buuz - steamed spherical pie stuffed with meat and having a hole in the middle.

  8. A variety of cruise routes in Baikal lake introduce the unique nature of the Barguzinsky Reserve, which is the home to over 250 species of birds and more than 40 species of mammals. Ecological routes along the shore of lake Baikal introduce you to the coastal flora and allow you to enjoy the most beautiful views of the Barguzin range with its forests and high-altitude lakes.



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