Sakha (Yakutia) Republic

Sakha (Yakutia) Republic



  1. The Republic of Sakha Yakutia is the largest federal territory in the world covering 1/5 of the territory of Russia.

  2. Yakutia is an area of Permafrost, where the temperature difference during the year is in the range of 100°C (from +40°C in summer to -60°C in winter). Remote Yakutsk is entirely built "on stilts". Otherwise, permafrost can lead to the destruction of buildings. And the phenomenon of permafrost is studied here in the world's only Institute of Permafrost Studies, where you can go on a tour.

  3. Throughout the territory of Yakutia, 75% of the remains of all mammoths that lived on our planet and their habitats were found. One of our tours is dedicated to this phenomenon, during which you can participate in the excavations of ancient mammoths.

  4. The population of Yakutia is about 1 million people, of which about 300,000 residents live in the capital Yakutsk. Of the entire population of Yakutia only about half are of Yakut origin; the Yakuts prefer to be called "Sakha". Every Yakut has a personal national harp instrument – "khomus" in his pocket or at home. An entire museum, the only one of its kind in the world, is dedicated to this instrument.

  5. The world's largest river system is located in Yakutia — about 700 000 rivers and 800 000 lakes. The Lena river is truly beautiful and rich in the purest northern varieties of fish: grayling, chir, taimen, muksun. Northern fish dishes are presented in a huge variety in local restaurants.

  6. Lena Pillars – UNESCO world heritage site – a 40-kilometer series of steep cliffs with a height of 40 to 200 meters, which every year become more beautiful and mysterious due to local climatic conditions. The view of the Pillars is especially beautiful at sunrise and sunset: from a distance, the mountain range resembles an ancient castle or magic palace, and the river at the foot serves as a mirror that makes the pillars twice as large and majestic.

  7. The Republic of Sakha Yakutia – this is uncharted land and rich deposits of precious stones and metals. 99% of the diamond production in the Russian Federation and more than a quarter of the world is produced here.

  8. Despite its remoteness and inaccessibility, Yakutia is a very hospitable region. Every year residents of Yakutia welcome guests of international festivals:
    "Pole of Cold" in Oymyakon in last weekend of March;
    "The Yakut New Year – Ysyakh" in the last weekend of June;
    "Diamond week" in the first weekend of September;
    "Winter begins in Yakutia" in the beginning of December.

  9. It is only in Yakutsk where you can try “kercheh” – a national dessert of whipped cream and berries, “Indigirka” – a dish based on fresh-frozen fish cubes with the addition of dressings, “stroganina” – a special type of thinly sliced frozen fish chips. “Stroganina festival” annually collect locals to compete in this dish cooking.

  10. Must-buy authentic souvenirs from Yakutia:

  • unty” – the local high winter boots made of reindeer skin, a wear which you can’t stand extreme cold;

  • souvenirs made of mammoth bones;

  • khomus” Yakut vargan instrument;

  • cosmetics with rejuvenating effect based on deer antler velvet;

  • fur coats and hats;

  • jewelry with diamonds, gold and silver.



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