1. Due to the mild climate and the presence of a huge number of mountain slopes, Sakhalin is famous for the duration of the ski season, which lasts 5-6 months here! World-class ski resorts are happy to welcome you to Sakhalin!

  2. The Kuril Islands stretch from North to South in the Great and Small Kuril ranges and consist of 56 Islands. They are a natural gem of the region and attract tourists with healing hot springs, unique nature combining features of natural zones of several latitudes, as well as sea fishing and seafood.

  3. The best souvenir from the island is sea fish cooked in dozens of different ways, red caviar and seafood: crabs, shrimps, oysters, scallops, trepangs (sea cucumbers). Sakhalin oyster can weigh up to 1.5 kg, and on average 500 g and contains a lot of vitamins. If you haven't tasted an oyster in the Sakhalin way, just pouring lemon juice and drinking from the sink, then you haven't visited Sakhalin!

  4. The indigenous population of Sakhalin consisted of four peoples: Ainu, the Nivkhs, Oroks, Evenks. All of them lived in unity with nature and endowed nature and its phenomena with magical power, and the bear was considered a particularly revered animal. Today you can get acquainted with aboriginal culture at the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Lore Museum, one of the largest and most visited museums in the Far East. The Museum itself is located in a traditional Japanese style building.

  5. Sparsely populated island gives unlimited scope for the preservation of wild, unspoilt nature is unique. Russia's first marine nature park is located on the territory of Sakhalin – the island of volcanic origin "Moneron". Enjoy the natural scenery is best in the mountains "Frog".

  6. In the narrowest part of the Tatar Strait (around 2km), it is very easy to get from the island to the mainland by boat in summer or on the ice in winter right on foot. Since the mid-70s, there has been a regular ferry service between the island and the mainland from Kholmsk to Vanino. We invite you to take exciting routes connecting the island and the mainland.


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