Magadan region

Magadan region



  1. Magadan was conceived and built in 1929 as a working settlement for the development of minerals that are of great number in this land. The development of these distant lands fell in the period of Stalin's repressions. The city itself, roads, infrastructure, and mines were built and developed by thousands of prisoners, who soon found their last refuge here because of the incredibly harsh conditions of detention and work.

    The Mask of Sorrow
    is a memorial that is the hallmark of the region and one of the main points of the tour of Magadan. The monument in the form of a human distorted face is dedicated to the victims of repressions.

  2. The site of the Mask of Sorrow memorial offers a magnificent view of the Bay of Nagaev and Gartner between which the city is located. Nagaev’s Bay is named after the Russian hydrographer and is the best anchorage in the entire Sea of Okhotsk. Almost every day during the short summer of Okhotsk, sea fishing vessels leave the bay on cruises. Magadan trumpeters, squids, halibuts, shrimps 100 % guaranteed for just one or two hours of fishing. Cod, flounder, ruff do not require special skills, they almost jump on your amateur fishing rod.

  3. The picturesque bays of the Okhotsk Sea and the Magadansky Nature Reserve, located on the Kolyma river, attract many fans to observe animals and birds in the wild and photo hunters. Red sea lion, brown bears, seals, hatchets, sea eagles, and many others. Here is an incomplete list of rare representatives of the fauna of this region.

  4. The Magadan region is "Golden heart" of Russia. Over 85 years, more than 3,000 tons of gold have been mined here. You can buy a real gold bullion or participate in the laundering of gold during the annual festival of "Prospector’s luck". The winner of the festival who has collected the largest amount of gold is awarded the main prize of 1 million rubles!

  5. The Kolyma River is famous for its hot mineral springs. You can experience their life-giving properties in the balneological resort "Talaya".

  6. "Kolyma" is also the name of famous M56 highway (R504 nowadays), which is a 2032 km long federal highway between Yakutsk and Magadan. The Magadan-Yakutsk highway is one of the ten most difficult highways in the world and is the longest in length. Kolyma always attracts travelers by car and has already become one of the most popular routes for extreme admirers.


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