1. Theme






2. Region, city, itinerary

Irkutsk – Listvyanka – Baikal lake – Olkhon island – Khuzhir village

3. Seasonality

December – middle of March

4. The complexity, style of the tour

Easy, comfortable, trekking

5. Accommodation


6. Number of days


7. Number of people

No limits

8. Booking conditions

5-7 days before the tour start

What to do on the deepest lake in the world in winter:

ü Enjoy the harsh but beautiful scenery of winter lake Baikal

ü See the fabulously transparent Baikal ice with lots of fancy patterns

ü Stand on the surface of the deepest lake in the world, feeling tens of meters of water under your feet

ü "Poburhanit" (a special vodka ceremony to make local spirit kind) and make a Baikal "kiss"

ü listen to ancient Buryat legends

ü try “buzy” (Burytian dish) and Baikal fish


Day 1

After a short rest at the hotel – a three-hour tour of Irkutsk. Irkutsk has always been a merchant city, where many monuments of wooden architecture and magnificent Orthodox churches have been preserved. After the tour, you can return to the hotel or continue your walk around Irkutsk on your own-the route ends in the “130th Quarter” with many cafes, restaurants and shops.

Day 2

Today we start our journey to Lake Baikal. Just 70 km divide us from the village Listvyanka. It is the nearest village to Irkutsk located on the shore of the lake. On the way we visit the ethnographic open-air Museum of Wooden Architecture "Taltsy". The museum complex on the bank of the Angara River is a unique opportunity for direct acquaintance with the material and spiritual culture of the nationloities living near Baikal lake. Here is a village of Russian immigrants, an Evenki yurt, a Tofalar camp, and a Buryat ulus.

In Listvyanka village we will visit the Baikal Museum, where we will get acquainted with the flora and fauna of Lake Baikal.

For lunch, we will try Baikal fish. After-on the chairlift we will go up to the observation deck Stone Chersky to get gorgeous photos from above and see the place where Angara river takes its way from Baikal lake.

Check-in at the hotel in Listvyanka village, dinner, overnight.


Day 3

Departure on a hovercraft "Khivus" to the Sandy Bay on the amazingly beautiful ice of Lake Baikal. We pass unique and beautiful places, overcome ice hummocks. In the "Khivus" it is warm and safe, and the speed is allowed to feel like flying over the Baikal ice. Stop – here we will hold an interesting ritual - "kiss" with lake Baikal. The ice, cleared of snow by the wind, is so transparent that you do not feel that under your feet – no more, no less, the deepest lake in the world – tens or even hundreds of meters of abyss.

After arrival in the Sandy Bay – lunch-picnic. A walk to the ferris rock, the small bell tower rock, and a visit to the quaint stilt trees. In Listvyanka there are a lot of hotels of different levels, where we will stay for the night to feel the fullness of breathing the Baikal air.


Day 4

Departure to Olkhon island. Olkhon is the largest of the 26 islands on Lake Baikal. It is called the "heart of lake Baikal" - it is the geographical, historical, sacred center of the lake. According to legend, the Buryat people originated from here, the first Buryat shaman received a gift. Olkhon is imbued with local color, shamanism, ancient Buryat legends. You’ll enjoy beautiful views of the lake – we especially recommend visiting cape Burkhan and Shamanka rock. Upon arrival on the island – accommodation at the recreation center, dinner, overnight.


Day 5

Excursion to the northernmost point of the island – Cape Khoboy (6 hours). During the tour you will enjoy magnificent views of Lake Baikal, hear ancient Buryat legends and legends and visit places of shamanic power. After returning to the recreation center, dinner is waiting for you.