1. Theme




2. Region, city, itinerary

Khabarovsk Region

3. Seasonality

April – October  

4. The complexity, style of the tour


Wildlife watching

Soft adventure

5. Accommodation

Homestay, guest houses, camping

6. Number of days

1-5 days

7. Number of people

Up to 12 people

8. Booking conditions

3-5 weeks before the tour

Siberian and Far Eastern taiga - “green lungs of the planet”. A number of reserves and national parks have been created in order to protect and study the typical and unique natural landscapes of the taiga. All the main reserves of natural resources and minerals in Siberia and the Far East are concentrated in the taiga.

The local population living in villages in these territories have always been traditionally occupied with hunting for fur animals, collecting medicinal raw materials, wild fruits, nuts, berries and mushrooms, fishing, forestry (timber extraction and processing), and cattle breeding.

For us, the inhabitants of “concrete jungles”, it is no longer known how a berry, mushroom or nut grows in the wild. Unlike residence of the Far East, who are well-informed about the wild surroundings. If you come to stay in Khabarovsk, you always have an opportunity to go to one of the tourist camps or to a local dacha within an hour or two out of town. There you can stay comfortably in wooden log houses with all amenities and enjoy the beauty of wildlife, gathering, fishing, or just watching the wildlife.

Depending on the season, we offer you fascinating tours for collecting wild plants: ferns, mushrooms, nuts, cones, lingonberries, cranberries, medicinal plants of the taiga - chaga, barberry, aralia, oregano, linden, St. John's wort, viburnum, lemongrass, motherwort, yarrow, eleutherococcus. After you have gathered your finds - you will be taught how to brew and properly use Far Eastern tea!

But those who do not want to roam the taiga will also find something to do in open air. Not far from Khabarovsk there are many beautiful glades and lands where you can watch the blooming of flowers by season and colorful life of butterflies. August is the blooming season of the Komarov Lotus. Do not miss an opportunity to visit the lotus lake half an hour from Khabarovsk. After all, it is believed that it brings you fortunate to see the lotus flower at least once in a lifetime.