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Soft adventure

Wildlife watching and trekking

Mini cruise

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Hotel, eco-hotel

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2-3 days

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City tour. Boat trip to Starichkov island

The Avacha Bay is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world. The coastline is very creeky, rugged by numerous small picturesque bays. Two spawning rivers flow into its waters. 32 species of fish constantly live in the Avacha Bay. Almost all year round there are several species of flounder, greenlings, gobies, rockfish and Pacific halibut. Seabirds are quite numerous in the bay. In the small bays located at the entrance to the Avacha Bay, you can find seals are not afraid of people and allow to come quite close to themselves. In summer you can find larger animals like killer whales. The waters of the Avacha Bay are full of gifts of marine nature - sea urchins and crabs.

Starichkov Island is located approximately 10 kilometers (5.5 nautical miles) from the entrance to the Avacha Bay. The island got its name by the name of small sea birds making nests on it - tufted puffins (or in Russian - starichki). Starichkov Island is a water reserve abundant in tufted puffins, loons, cormorants and other waterfowl. On this piece of land there are several nests of a white-tailed eagle and a nerpa-rookery.

The City Tour is a “must see” tour, which includes a visit to the Museum of Local Lore, the observation deck, the City Center with its historical places, a souvenir shop, and a market. After lunch - boat trip along the water area of Avacha Bay

to the Pacific Ocean to Starichkov island (about 5 hours), dinner on board the boat. And at the hotel you will enjoy bathing in the pool with thermal water (when staying in Paratunka).


A trip to the Vachkazhets massif

Earlier the Vachkazhets was a single volcano, but after a great eruption it exploded, and it caused the separation into three main parts: the Letnyaya-Poperechnaya mount (1417 m), the Vachkazhtsy mount (1500 m) and the Vachkazhets mount (1556). The highlight of this place is its versatility. The area is suitable for trekking, bird watching, exploring alpine and forest flowers and just relaxing in nature.

Program: Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the Vachkazhets massif. Trekking in a mountain cirque with a visit of the lake and the waterfall.

ATTENTION! According to the state of the road and weather conditions, the Trekking time to the lake and waterfalls may be longer than specified in the program. Also, due to the different level of physical training of the group members, the guide may decide to change and / or shorten the route.

Lunch in a form of a picnic. Return to the hotel. Resting, bathing in the pool with thermal water (when staying in Paratunka).