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2. Region, cities, Itinerary of travel


3. Seasonality


5. The complexity, style of the tour



Wildlife watching and trekking

Mini cruise

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7. Number of days

7 days

8. Number of people

Starting from 2 persons

9. Booking conditions

2 – 3 month in advance

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11. Summary of the program


City tour. Boat trip to Starichkov island

The Avacha Bay is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world. The coastline is very creeky, rugged by numerous small picturesque bays. Two spawning rivers flow into its waters. 32 species of fish constantly live in the Avacha Bay. Almost all year round there are several species of flounder, greenlings, gobies, rockfish and Pacific halibut. Seabirds are quite numerous in the bay. In the small bays located at the entrance to the Avacha Bay, you can find seals are not afraid of people and allow to come quite close to themselves. In summer you can find larger animals like killer whales. The waters of the Avacha Bay are full of gifts of marine nature - sea urchins and crabs.

Starichkov Island is located approximately 10 kilometers (5.5 nautical miles) from the entrance to the Avacha Bay. The island got its name by the name of small sea birds making nests on it - tufted puffins (or in Russian - starichki). Starichkov Island is a water reserve abundant in tufted puffins, loons, cormorants and other waterfowl. On this piece of land there are several nests of a white-tailed eagle and a nerpa-rookery.

Program: Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Transfer to the seaport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Boat trip along the water area of ​​the Avacha Bay to the Pacific Ocean to Starichkov island (about 5 hours), dinner on board the boat. After a boat trip – an evening excursion in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky with a visit to the Museum of Local Lore, the observation deck, the city center, a souvenir shop, a market.


A trip to the bottom of Avacha Volcano. Mount Verblyud

Avacha Volcano is one of the most active volcanos in Kamchatka (2 751 m.) and is often called the "Home Volcano" because of its proximity to the city. Its crater is filled with solidified lava, over which fumarole vapors often rise

Program: Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the bottom of Avacha Volcano by all-terrain vehicle (about 2 hours).

Arrival at the tourist base, safety instructions before the ascension (climbing Mount Verblyud 1100 m above sea level).

ATTENTION! Climbing Mount Verblyud will take place only with good weather and no snow on top of the mountain. If there is snow, climbing will be replaced by a walk in the vicinity of the tourist base.

Lunch at the tourist base. Return to the hotel. Resting, bathing in the pool with thermal water (when staying in Paratunka).


The Dachnye hot springs. Spokoiny waterfall.

The Dachnye hot springs are sometimes also called the Small Valley of Geysers. They are located at the bottom of the Mutnovsky volcano, on the edge of the vast intermountain basin - the modern central part of the Mutnovsky geothermal power plant. There are several hot fields with steam jets and boiling mud pools on its left slope. There is a big pot on the bottom, from which steam jets come from. A bit higher there is a powerful water and steam jet.

In the bed of a hot stream, a spacious bathing pond is naturally formed.

Program: Transfer by all-terrain vehicle to the Mutnovskaya geothermal power plant (about 3 hours). Trekking to the Small Valley of Geysers. Picnic lunch on the route. Trekking to the Spokoiny waterfall (40 m). Return to the hotel. Resting, bathing in the pool with thermal water (when staying in Paratunka).


Excursion to the Ethnic Style Village - sledge dogs’ kennel.

The ethnic style village- sledge dogs’ kennel introduces you to the culture of indigenous people of Kamchatka (Koryak, Itelmens, Evens). The guests will hear the history of sled dog racing in Kamchatka, which is closely connected with the culture and traditions of local aboriginal people, watch traditional dances and learn some of the dancing moves.

You can also take pictures in traditional clothes, learn about the Kamchatka natives’ lifestyle and enjoy flavored hot fish soup (ukha) in the fresh air.

Program: Breakfast. Transfer to the Ethnic Style Village. Tour of the sledge dogs’ kennel. Meeting with representatives of indigenous peoples of Kamchatka. Concert, lunch, photo shoot. Transfer to «Zelenovskie lakes» radon baths, bathing in warm pools with mineral water and pure lakes. Return to the hotel, resting.