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Irkutsk – Listvyanka

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Easy, comfortable

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5-7 days before the tour start

Day 1 Irkutsk

Irkutsk is included in the list of specially protected historically populated places, where about 685 historical and cultural monuments are carefully preserved. A tour of the memorable and historical places of Irkutsk will introduce tourists to the history of the Irkutsk prison, the central part of the city, tell about architecture and wooden architecture, outstanding figures of history and culture of Russia, whose activities were inextricably linked with Irkutsk. The attractions of the standard tour include:

·       The historical beginning of the city, where the Irkutsk prison was located;

·       The area of the "three churches": Spasskaya Church, the Epiphany Cathedral, the Polish Church;

·       Memorial complex "Eternal Flame»;

·       Monument to Peter and Fevronia of Murom;

·       Monument to the pioneers;

·       Moscow Gate;

·       The Kirov square;

·       Merchants ' mansions;

·       Museum of the Decembrists; Monument to the Wives of the Decembrists;

·       Znamensky convent; the Place of execution of Kolchak, the monument to A. V. Kolchak;

·       The main street of the city of Karl Marx with a stop at the Monument to the tourist;

·       Drama Theater named after Okhlopkov, monument to Vampilov;

·       The monument to Alexander III;

·       Visit the local history museum department of Irkutsk;

·       As well as the famous "130 quarter", recreated for the 350th anniversary of Irkutsk by the city authorities, which includes several dozen monuments of architecture and history of the city. They now house museums, blacksmiths and potteries, souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants and the shopping and entertainment complex "fashionable quarter" – the largest in the city (38700 sq.m), with an area for city holidays.

Here you will visit:

·       Museum of the history of the East-Siberian railway;

·       Museum “Window to Asia”;

·       Museum of the "Noosphere" with a planetarium and Observatory;

·       "Charoite room", where you can buy souvenirs made of natural stones;

·       "Forge of happiness", where you can forge a coin for good luck or a horseshoe for good luck; Round square, where you can throw a coin in the center of the square and make a wish.


Day 2 Excursion to Listvyanka village and Taltsy Museum

The village of Listvyanka, located on the shore of Lake Baikal, 70 km from Irkutsk, was founded in the XVIII century and got its name from the larch trees that grow only in our region on the near Larch Cape. Listvyanka is the gateway to Lake Baikal, it is here that most tourists come, there is a museum of Lake Baikal. in recent years, the village has increasingly acquired the features of a resort area, where you can relax and eat the freshest fish, which is found only in lake baikal.

On the way to Listvyanka, you will also visit the open-air architectural and ethnographic museum "Taltsy", also known as "Siberian Village". The museum is located 47 km from Irkutsk on the territory of more than 67 hectares. The museum exhibits are authentic wooden buildings of the peoples of Siberia in the XVII-XIX centuries. - in total, more than 8000 exhibits of wooden architecture and ancient utensils.

during the tour you will see:

* Thematic tours of the Taltsy Museum, exhibitions and sales of folk crafts and blacksmithing skills

* Stop at the observation deck at the mouth of the Angara River;

* Baikal Limnological Museum, where you will get acquainted with the origin of Lake Baikal, its flora and fauna. Those who wish will be able to virtually dive to the bottom of Lake Baikal in a "Bathyscaphe" (optional).

* Listvyanka fish market, where you can buy fish with you (omul, grayling, whitefish) and purchase Baikal souvenirs.

* Ascent by funicular (cable car) to the observation deck "Peak "Chersky", which offers a magnificent view from above of the source of the Angara, Shaman stone and the mountains of Khamar-Daban.

* Obelisk monument to the playwright A.V. Vampilov;

* St. Nicholas Church of the XVIII century. This church, as legend has it, was built by a Russian merchant as a sign of gratitude to St. Nicholas, the patron saint of seafarers, for saving him in a storm.

* Nerpinarium, where you can see a unique representation of the Baikal seal.

* Lunch with Baikal fish in one of the restaurants of Listvyanka.

* Optionally:

o Walk along the coast of Listvyanka by boat (in summer).

o Snowmobile / dog sledding on the ice of Lake Baikal (in winter).

o   o Visit the ice town, ice slides (in winter).