1. Theme







2. Region, city, itinerary


3. Seasonality

October - March

4. The complexity, style of the tour

Easy, comfortable

Winter adventure

5. Accommodation

Easy, comfortable

6. Number of days

1-3 days

7. Number of people

No limit

8. Booking conditions

One day before the trip

Arriving in winter - it's only more fun! Enjoy the Russian winter and take a walk along the ice sculptures towns of Khabarovsk. Indulge yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of the city covered by ice figures with unbelievable variety of Christmas lightning, street of the city lit up at night shining with colors, Christmas decorations everywhere is a feast for your eyes!

On your first day of stay in Khabarovsk, your guide will tell you about the history of the city and history of settling of the Far East, you will visit the main attractions of Khabarovsk and enjoy an exceptional atmosphere of a European city on the edge of Asia. There are several unique city museums for you to choose from: the Amur Bridge Museum (this bridge is depicted on the 5000-ruble banknote), Khabarovsk Lore Museum, the Far Eastern Fish Museum, Khabarovsk City History Museum and others.

After, a merry-go-round of winter activities! Winter is the best time for Russian troika rides. Troika is a traditional harness driving combination using a team of three horses abreast and pulling a sleigh or a carriage. Numerous skating rinks welcome daily admirers of skating. Visit local shooting ranges (inside or open-air) for the fans of sports shooting. One more winter fun is excursion to husky dogs’ kennel, meeting the dogs, training the basic skills of driving a dog sled, dog sledding in turns. You can challenge yourself by crossing the Amur River through one of the ice crossing!

Khabarovsk is the cultural capital of the Far East, so do not miss numerous concerts, theatrical events and presentations in local Pantomime theater, Philharmonic symphony orchestra, Musical Comedy or Drama Theaters. Theaters and concert halls of Khabarovsk are at your disposal. You can visit not only a performance itself, but go backstage at the Puppet Theater, for example.

Dinner in one of the city's restaurants will serve as an enchanting completion of your program. There are numerous choices of world cuisines accompanied by a folklore program especially performed for you! Karaoke and nightclubs in Khabarovsk are known for its quality presentations. And for those who prefer to get acquainted with the locals even closer, we offer a visit to a certain nationality family for lunch or dinner: Russian, Ukrainian, Nanai, Udege, Gypsy, Uzbek, Buryat.


Excursion to the Baltika Brewery will be unforgettable because of its grandeur. You will visit the plant’s historical museum where you learn about the production history, you will learn a lot about the Baltika beer sorts and methods of their preparation. Beer tasting will be a pleasant conclusion of you your visit - you get to taste different kinds of beer produced at the factory. Last but not least, you will receive a special gift from Baltika - a souvenir beer glass!