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Moderate Comfortable

Trekking / 4WD ride

Wildlife watching and trekking

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Hotel, camping

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6 days

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From 1 pax

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Group tour

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Avacha Volcano is one of the most active volcanos in Kamchatka (2 751 m.) and is often called the "Home Volcano" because of its proximity to the city. Its crater is filled with solidified lava, over which fumarole vapors often rise. All tours to Avacha Volcano start from the tourist base, located at an altitude of 890 m above sea level. The distance from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to the base is about 50 km.

Khalaktyrsky beach is a favorite place among local residents. The coast is covered with volcanic sand, and the grass in summer is full of flowering herbs and berry bushes (rosehip, honeysuckle, blueberries).

Program: Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the bottom of Avacha Volcano by all-terrain vehicle (about 2 hours). Arrival at the tourist base, safety instructions before trekking. Lunch at the base camp, transfer to the Pacific coast, Khalaktyrsky beach. A walk along the coast with black volcanic sand, return to the hotel. Resting, bathing in the pool with thermal water (when staying in Paratunka).


Vilyuchinsky waterfall is located on the slope of Vilyuchinsky volcano, is a beautiful cascade of water formed from the melting of a glacier. On the slopes of the volcano there are glaciers and during summer it starts to melt and heavy stream of pure water falls down from 40 meters high cliff into the deep icy cleft.

Verkhne-Paratunskiye hot springs are situated on the northeast slope of Goryachaya mount, not far from Vilyuchinsky volcano. Here about twenty hot springs merge, forming three warm parallel brooks. The springs have curative properties; the temperature of the springs goes from 39°С up to 70°С.

Program: Transfer to the bottom of Vilyuchinsky volcano by all-terrain vehicle (about 2 hours), safety instructions before trekking. Trekking to the waterfall. Picnic lunch. Transfer to Verkhne-Paratunskiye hot springs. Bathing in the wild springs. Return to the hotel.


Excursion to the Ethnic Style Village - sledge dogs’ kennel.

The ethnic style village- sledge dogs’ kennel introduces you to the culture of indigenous people of Kamchatka (Koryak, Itelmens, Evens). The guests will hear the history of sled dog racing in Kamchatka, which is closely connected with the culture and traditions of local aboriginal people, watch traditional dances and learn some of the dancing moves.

You can also take pictures in traditional clothes, learn about the Kamchatka natives’ lifestyle and enjoy flavored hot fish soup (ukha) in the fresh air.

Program: Tour of the sledge dogs’ kennel. Meeting with representatives of indigenous peoples of Kamchatka. Concert, lunch, photo shoot. After the excursions, transfer to the Snow Valley Mountain Lodge. Accommodation. Resting, bathing in the pool with thermal water. Dinner and overnight in the Snow Valley Mountain Lodge (bunk beds quadro).