Privacy Policy (en)

Privacy Policy

The main conditions of our privacy policy can be formulated as follows:


- We do not share your personal information with third parties.

- We do not share your contact information without your consent.

- You independently determine the amount of personal information disclosed.


Collect information


We collect two types of information about You:


1. your personal information that you knowingly agreed to disclose to us when you became a user of the Site;


2. technical information that is automatically collected by the Site's software during its visit.


Any personal information supplied to us in several ways:


1. Subscription to the newsletter. In order to subscribe to our voluntary newsletter and receive emails from us, you must provide us with your email address and name (real or fictitious). This information is provided by you voluntarily and we do not verify its accuracy in any way.


2. Technical information. When you visit the Site, the Site administration automatically gets access to information from the standard server logs. This includes the IP address of Your computer (or proxy server, if it is used to access the Internet), the name of your Internet service provider, domain name, browser type and operating system, information about the site from which you accessed the Site, the pages of the Site that you visit, the date and time of these visits, and the files that you download. This information is analyzed by us in an aggregated (depersonalized) form to analyze site traffic, and is used in developing proposals for its improvement and development. The connection between your IP address and your personal information is never disclosed to third parties, except as required by law.


Use of received information


The information you provide when subscribing to a voluntary newsletter is collected using a third-party service and stored on its server. Only the administrator of our account on this service has access to this information. We only use this information to send You the information you subscribed to. In each email sent by the service an active link is automatically generated, so you can delete all your personal information from the database at any time.


Providing information to third parties


We take your privacy very seriously. We never share your personal information with third parties, except in cases where this may be directly required by Russian law (for example, at the request of a court).


All contact information that You provide to us is disclosed only with your permission. Email addresses are never published on the Site and are only used by us to contact You.


Data protection


The Site administration protects the information provided by users and uses it only in accordance with the accepted privacy Policy. The Site uses generally accepted security methods to protect information from loss, distortion, and unauthorized distribution. Security is implemented by network security software, access verification procedures, the use of cryptographic information security tools, and compliance with the privacy policy.


We ask you not to use e-mail and means of prompt sending of messages such as ICQ to transmit your passwords, since this method of communication cannot provide the necessary protection of the transmitted data.


Use of cookies


The Site uses a user identification technology based on the use of cookies. Cookies are small files that are stored on Your computer via a web browser.


When a User uses the Site, cookies may be stored on the computer used for access, which will later be used for automatic authorization of the User on the Site, as well as for collecting statistical data, in particular about site traffic. However, we never store personal data or passwords in cookies.


If you still believe that for some reason the use of cookies is unacceptable to You, you may prohibit the storage of cookies on the computer used to access the Site by configuring your browser accordingly. However, keep in mind that all services that use this technology will be unavailable.


Links to other sites


The site may contain links to other websites. We, in turn, are not responsible for the privacy policy of these sites. We encourage You to be careful when you leave our site and carefully read the privacy policies of each site that collects personal information about the user. This privacy policy applies exclusively to the information that the Site collects


To prevent hackers or just random third parties from gaining access to Your account, you must follow a number of recommendations below. Please note that all actions performed on the Site by a User authorized under Your account are considered to be performed by you personally. The responsibility to prove otherwise is Yours.


Do not use simple passwords (for example, 12345) or passwords that are too short (shorter than 4 characters), or passwords that have meaning (for example, your name, pet name, or date of birth of a relative). Ideally, the password should be a meaningless combination of letters and numbers. Never share your password with third parties. Never leave your password in a visible place (for example, on a "sticker" on your monitor).


If you suspect that your password may have become known to others, change it as soon as possible. Always end a session on the Site under Your account, especially if you are working on a computer that other people have access to.

Never agree to save the password for the site if the web browser prompts You to do so, if you are not working on your computer or a computer with public access (for example, in an Internet cafe, computer club, etc.).


Never check the "Remember" box if you are not working on your own computer or a computer with public access. Always control who has access to Your mailbox. Keep in mind that using e-mail, an attacker can restore (replace) the password and thereby gain access to Your account.


Please note that the Site Administration will never ask You to send Your password by e-mail or otherwise, just as we will never send you or otherwise inform you of your forgotten password. You can choose a new password yourself on the password recovery page.


Final condition


None of the statements contained herein constitute a contract or agreement between the Site Owner and the User providing personal information. The purpose of this document is only to inform You about our approach to working with personal data.


We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy. You will receive notification of changes via a personal message on behalf of the Site Administration, or by email to the address specified in Your account. Your continued use of the Site or its services after notification of changes has been sent to You constitutes your acceptance of the changes.