Yakut recipes are usually simple, but the dishes are very tasty and nourishing. We made a selection of Yakut dishes.

Salad "Indigirka" is the most popular dish both among locals and guests of the republic. Freshly frozen muksun, chir or omul is cut into cubes, seasoned with onion, black pepper, salt and vegetable oil.
Kuorcheh (Kercheh) - the main Yakut dessert. It is cooked from homemade thick cream and sour cream, which are whipped to a thick, fluffy mass. In Kerch, sugar, jam or fresh berries are added to make different tastes.
Haan (black pudding) - a favorite delicacy of the Yakut people, made from fresh beef or foal blood.
OyoҕOs (Oyogos) - foal ribs. They can be cooked boiled or stewed, in dough or without, sometimes as a cold snack.
Salamat is a traditional Yakut dish made of homemade sour cream and fat cream with flour. This is a very satisfying and delicious treat.
Yakut flatbread - traditional Yakut bread. Yakut tortillas are prepared on sour milk with the addition of soda. Milk can be replaced with kefir or other fermented milk products.
Koumiss fermented milk drink made from mare's milk, is recognized as a useful tonic.
Chohoon sour cream or cream is whipped with berries and sugar. Here is such a simple, but delicious dessert turns out.