YAKUTSK – the Capital of Yakutia. Civilization in Permafrost.


YAKUTSK – the Capital of Yakutia.

Civilization in Permafrost.

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City Tour Program includes major historic, memorial and architectural points of attraction: Lenin Street, Ordzhonikidze Square and the Oyunsky Monument, Friendship of People's Square and the monument to the outstanding public figure and writer Alexei Kulakovsky, Semyon Dezhnev and Abakayad monument (the first Russian-Yakut mixed marriage), the monument to Vasily Poyarkov, a pioneer explorer and discoverer of the Yakut Land, the Eternal Flame Complex, others points of interest.

Old Town Tour includes all significant memorial, historic and architectural points of attraction, a visit to the central part of the city with old architecture along the Lenin Street and in the Old Town - the historic part of the city where older buildings of Yakutsk from the 18-19th century are recreated. For example, the Kruzhalo Shopping Arcade, the Gradoyakut Transfiguration Church complex, the building of the Russian-Asian Bank branch that has survived to this day, the splendid folklore museum of the Yakut people and the Ostroh Tower.


Yakutsk is rightfully proud of the four museums that are unique and can be found only in this part of the world. It is highly advisable for every tourist to visit the museums, otherwise the trip to Yakutia would be incomplete.

Yakutia Treasury - the state storehouse with an extensive collection of diamonds, precious stones, metals and products made from them, mined and produced in Yakutia.

Mammoth Museum (founded in 1991) - the world's only museum of the Mammoth housed by the Institute of Applied Ecology of the North. The museum's collection contains more than 2,000 bone remains of large extinct animals and samples of the mammoth era fauna. So, here you can see 3 fully restored skeletons of a mammoth, woolly rhinoceros and a bison, a mummy of a wild horse, mammoth skin remains and many other interesting finds.

Khomus Museum - contains a rich collection of harp instruments from all over the world. Khomus, which fits in the palm of your hand, has endless possibilities for transforming artist’s emotional and creative state into music. Sounds of khomus sometimes create an indescribable musical atmosphere. There is a saying about the khomus that it can speak "in a hundred different languages." Khomus for the Yakut people is sacred. Almost every Yakut carries this instrument in his or her pocket and learn to play it from childhood. Life of each Yakut is accompanied by the sounds of this unique instrument, whether in joyful, sad or solemn moments.

"The Kingdom of Permafrost" built inside the Chochur-Muran Rock. At the entrance to the "Kingdom" visitors are given warm waterproof coats and boots. This is necessary because in the summer the temperature in the cave does not rise above –4 C. But in the winter it does not fall below –10. This is a real winter fairytale all year round! If you look closely at the walls, you can see with your own eyes what permafrost is: all moisture in the soil is frozen, and the earth is literally penetrated by ice veins. Ice forms crystals shining in the light of colored lamps. Inside the adit is divided into several rooms. In the first room guests are met by the Lord of the Cold Chyskhaan - here is his residence. There is a ritual hall for traditional Yakut ceremonies. In the next room, you can slide on icy slides and gaze at ice sculptures. The sculptures are allowed to be touched for good luck and for making wishes. You can lie on an ice bed and enjoy vodka with stroganina in an ice bar. A small paleontological museum is arranged in a separate grotto. There is also an “ice office” and an “ice bar” with traditional frozen treats. It is worth knowing that the Lord of the Cold, Chyskhan has a grand-daughter, Kharchana. The Russian Father Frost always begins his New Year’s march on the 1st of December from Yakutsk and across the entire Russia, after being given the symbol of coldness by Chyskhan.

Museum of Local Lore named after Yaroslavsky - Museum of Nature, Ethnography and History of Yakutia. It will also be interesting to get basic knowledge about the region, its settlements, native people culture, as well as the flora and fauna of the region.

A Visit to the Lapidary Factory and the "EPL Diamond" Jewelry Factory. Visit city jewelry stores and the "EPL Diamond" Jewelry Factory, that always have special offers for tour participants.

A Visit to the Chochur-Muran Tourist Complex. The tourist complex is dedicated to the history of development of the Yakut land. The complex also includes an Arctic Husky nursery.

Stroganina Feast - a competition program, Yakut traditional dishes tasting, festival guest dish tasting.