1. Theme






2. Region, city, itinerary


3. Seasonality

June – September  

4. The complexity, style of the tour

Easy, comfortable

Mini cruise

Wildlife watching and trekking

Soft Adventure

5. Accommodation

Hotel, hostel

6. Number of days

2-5 days

7. Number of people

2-12 people

8. Booking conditions

3-5 weeks before the tour start

Day 1. Magadan. Acquaintance with the city.

The tour starts at the observation deck in Nagaev Bay. It was here that the construction of Magadan began in the distant thirties. Ships came to the bay to bring prisoners and civilians for the construction of roads and the city. Prisoners also worked on extraction of gold, silver, and tin. Development of Magadan continues with the construction of the Kolyma highway, which is called the "Road on the Bones."

During the sightseeing tour you will see the city’s memorable places: “Pioneers of the exploration of Kolyma and Chukotka”, a monument to the poet, singer and actor Vladimir Vysotsky, the Sea Square, the sculpture “Time” (“Mammoth”).

Take a tour around the central streets of Magadan: Portovaya, Lenin, Gagarin, Karl Marx, Proletarskaya, Parkovaya. Visit the city park, the Cathedral Square, the Cathedral, the Cosmonauts Square, the monument to Lenin, the memorial complex "Memory Knot", the monument to E. P. Berzin. Outside the city center there are the Deer sculpture and the Magadan Stella - a city limits sign.

On the Krutaya Hill, a 15-meter monument “Mask of Sorrow” was erected in 1996 (Sculptor Earnst Neizvestny). A magnificent view of the city, between the Nagaevo Bay and the Gertner Bay, where the city itself is built, opens from the observation deck offers. Next stop is the Gertner Bay, from there you can get a great view of the three islands - the Brothers Islands, the Widow, the Koni Peninsula.


Day 2. Sea of ​​Okhotsk cruise with sea fishing

100% guaranteed catch of various types of sea fish: flounder, ruff, cod, pollock.

Itinerary: • Nagaev Bay • Cape Otlogiy • Cape Chirikova • Tikhaya Bay • Svetlaya Bay • Cape Ostrovnoy • Island of Misunderstanding


One of the most beautiful bays in the Magadan Region. At the entrance to the bay on the right side there is a hill with a peak resembling a crown. It is called the Stone Crown. This bay was created by nature itself for the entry of ships, as its depth is 40 m. The shores are buried in verdure of various vegetation. In autumn, there are a lot of berries and mushrooms - oily, white, chanterelles, boletus and boletus - without which the Pacific North-East is unimaginable.

Cape Chirikova is a gate to the Nagaev Bay. This is the most protruded point on Staritsky Peninsula. There is a lighthouse on it indicating the entrance to the city of Magadan.


This bay is perfectly situated on the coast. It is shaped in the form of a horseshoe. This does not allow tidal waves to play pranks, that is, they pass by, crashing into the coastal line. A very convenient place for vacationers, as the water warms up nicely for swimming. Already 500 meters away from the shore you can catch halibut, because the depth here reaches 20-meter..


This is another wonder of our region with perfectly clear water and lots of fish. It is, of course, more convenient to get there by sea, which is sometimes done by amateur fishermen. For those without a boat, it is possible to take one of the walking paths paths, or calculate the times with low tides in order to get here along the coast. Although it takes time to get to the bay on foot, you would be awarded with an excellent fishing catch of halibut, flounder, cod, saffron cod, smelt, perch, ruff. There are also rookeries of fur seals, in groups of 10 to 100 individuals and seals. Fur seals, as a rule, do not let you get closer than 50 m. They just all dive into the water. The shores are rocky, steep, and it’s not always possible to approach the shore by boat, but on a motorboat or a rubber boat it is not a problem. There is also a wide sandy beach with a mirrored water surface. A mountain stream with very tasty water flowing into the bay. In general, in ecological places, the water is especially tasty. Crab is also caught in this bay.


Entirely lives up to its name: the descent to the sea is very gentle and comfortable. It is convenient for viewing the entire Bay of Nagaev. In the spring, during the ice break between the bay and the Confusion Island you can observe a very strong currents that help to break the ice. Many vortex funnels appear to the observer at that time - a unique scenery that is only found in this place.


A very beautiful and interesting place. It looks like a dragon head, with a stretched long neck protruding into the sea and overlooking the vastness of the place. This neck section, although natural in origin, was at one time strengthened by men to install an artillery battery on it, for which a narrow gauge railway was laid along it. Later, in 1946, it was removed when this island stopped serving as a strategic point. From the sea side, the Island Cape is very steep: many birds such as gulls, hatchets, and cormorants, like to nest here. Therefore, the second name of the island is the Bird Island.


An island closest to Magadan protects the Bay of Nagaev from ocean storms. There are many bird colonies on the island. Along its southern coast lay crab migration routes. Here you can catch different kinds of crab - Kamchatka, blue and hairy crab. In Soviet times, fish processing plants were located on the island, they are inactive now. 100% guaranteed catch of various varieties of sea fish: flounder, ruff, cod, pollock.

Day 3. Tour of the Armansky Highway

The Armansky route runs through two passes, from where you can enjoy beautiful bird's-eye views of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. Descending from the pass, the road crosses the wide wooded Valley of Arman, the Arman River, and the village of Arman. The campsite location from where the route begins, in its own way, is unique - it is called "Microclimate". In summer and winter it is much warmer here than in the city, and the air is saturated with the sea smell, and the sea does not freeze in winter. The base offers a magnificent view of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. Starting at the base, the road runs along the coast and after 18 km approaches the Yana River.


The village of Tauisk, one of the first villages on the Okhotsk Coast, founded in 1653 by a Russian explorer, Mikhail Stadukhin, it is situated not far away from the Yana River. Originally, the Tauisk Fort was laid at the mouth of the Taui River on its right bank. Several Cossack families were engaged in hunting, fishing, and farming here. An interesting place was chosen for the fort: on one side is the sea, on the other - an estuary, on the third - a deep river. The main occupation of local residents was fishing, hunting, and animal husbandry. At the end of the XVII century, the village was moved 40 km eastward, to its current location near the Yana River. In the 1950s archaeological excavations by R. Vasilievsky found the remains of the fort. Today a fish processing enterprise and Yansky salmon fish-breeding plant are based here.


All along the route you can enjoy magnificent landscapes, forests, mountains, mountain passes, lakes (Solenoye Lake, Lake Glukhoye), many rivers (one of the largest spawning rivers of the Magadan Region, Arman, Yana, Taui rivers), plains with flowers, and the magnificent Sea of ​​Okhotsk. This wildlife area is replete with many birds and animals, including Steller's sea eagle, wild ducks, geese, marine inhabitants, seal, killer whales, taiga host bear, etc. This tour is most suitable for nature lovers and photographers. It is unlikely that you will be able to compare the landscapes seen with anything else on Earth.