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2. Region, city, itinerary

Ulan-Ude – Atsagat – Ivolginskiy Datsan – Baikal lake – Gremyachinsk – Tarbagatai

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4. The complexity, style of the tour

Easy, comfortable

5. Accommodation


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No limits

8. Booking conditions

5-7 days before the tour start

Day 1 Ulan-Ude

Sightseeing and walking tour of the capital of the Republic of Buryatia – the city of Ulan-Ude.

The program of the excursion includes visits to the main sights of the city, significant historical sites and monuments: Sovetov Square, Lenin Monument, Zero Kilometer, the House of Merchant Rosenstein, Theater Square, the Triumphal Arch, Ulan-Ude Lore Museum, a walk along the pedestrian street "Arbat", Revolution Square, Merchant Kurbatov's Shopping malls of 1820, Odigitria Cathedral, Sobornaya Street, the place of foundation of Ulan-Ude.


We continue the program around the city with visit to the datsan "rinpoche bagsha" on bald mountain, which offers a beautiful panoramic view of the city.


The ethnographic museum of the peoples of Baikal region is one of the largest open-air museums in Russia. It was opened in 1973 on an area of 37 hectares. In seven ethnographic complexes more than 40 architectural monuments and 11 thousand exhibits are collected. During the tour of the museum, you will visit several permanent complexes: archaeological, Evenks, Buryats, Baikal nationalities, old-believers. The exposition of each of them consists of farmsteads and outbuildings with tools, household utensils, furniture, etc. objects typical of settlements from the early 19th to the early 20th century. There is also a "living corner" on the territory of the museum, which contains typical representatives of the animal world of Baikal region: bears, wolves, deer, roe deer, sarlyks, camels.


Day 2 Full day excursion to the ethno-complex "Steppe Nomad"

Trip to the Atsagat valley (60 km from Ulan-Ude) with a visit to the Buddhist monastery in the village of Atsagat and the ethno-complex "Steppe Nomad". Ethno-cultural program in " Steppe Nomad»:

Meeting guests in the traditional rite "Ohtama" with hadaka;

Tour of the ethno-complex:

- Visit to the Galaxy yurt, Buryat legends about the universe and the starry sky;

- Acquaintance with the traditions and life of the Buryats in a felt old yurt and in a traditional Buryat house of the late XIX and early XX centuries;

- Photographing in Buryat national costume;

- Lunch with Buryat national cuisine;

- Master class on the Buryat game " Shagai Naadan "(dice game),

- Training of the Buryat national dance "Ekhor".


Day 3 Ivolginsky Datsan - Baikal Island, Gremyachinsk village

Walking distance to the Museum of History. Angelova.

A tour of the Museum – exhibition "Three of the residence of Panditarama Lam", 3rd floor.

Excursion to Ivolginsky datsan (30 km) - the center of Buddhism in Russia, the residence of the panditohambo Lama. The Damba darzhazayaev Dashi Choinkhorlin Buddhist University is located at the datsan, where about 100 Huvaraka students are currently studying in four faculties: philosophy, tantric, iconography and medicine.

The tour begins with a tour of the sacred circle "goroo" on the territory of the datsan and the rotation of the prayer drums "hurde". You will visit several temples including the main temple – Agingwhen. Before leaving, there is time to visit the ethno-gallery of Asian Art, buy souvenirs, medicinal herbs and religious paraphernalia.

Departure to Lake Baikal, Gremyachinsk village (140 km). Upon arrival – accommodation in the park-hotel "Baikal Riviera".


Day 4 Lake Baikal, Gremyachinsk village-Ulan-Ude

Excursion to the village of Turka. Stop at the natural monument on Lake Baikal-the stone "Turtle". Visit to the tourist and recreational area in the village of Turka with the ascent to the Lighthouse.

Lunch in the restaurant of the park hotel "Baikal Riviera".

After lunch, return to Ulan-Ude.


Day 5 Ulan-Ude - Old Believers' village

On the way to the village of Tarbagatai (55 km), stop at the sacred mountain " Omulevka "(mountain" Sleeping Lion") - one of the holy places of Buddhists and shamanists of Buryatia. Climbing a mountain, photo session. From the height of the hill, you can enjoy a picturesque panoramic view of the Selenga river valley.

On arrival in the village of old-believers (“staroobryadtsy” in Russian) we will have lunch of their traditional dishes.

After lunch excursion program:

- acquaintance with the Old Believers ' (Semeyskiye) folklore culture – You will be shown the unique polyphonic singing of the Baikal Old Believers;

- participation in the ceremony of dressing the bride to melodic Semey songs;

- master class on cooking in a Russian oven (“pechka”), spinning on a self-spinning wheel;

- visit to the house-estate, acquaintance with the life, economic way of the old believers;

- visit the Museum of Culture and life in Semeyskiye;

- visit to the ancient Orthodox church.