“Village morning”: excursion to village/farm house, farmer’s ecological products meals, vegetable garden, orchard, river fishing, apiary.





12 hours or 2days/1night

Minimum – maximum pax

1-12 pax

Order conditions

Please try to order the excursion 2-3 days before starting the latest.

We pick-up you at your hotel or other denoted place.

Price includes

Individual guide and transfers, full day stay at a village cottage, meals according the program.


Transfer with guide to the cottage (1 hour ride). Take a rare chance to spend time in a wooden lodge in the ecologically clean woodland on the bank of the mountain Khor river. The host family has their own farm, garden and orchard. They breed cattle, goats, pigs, hares, geese, hens. Guests are offered meals cooked from products grown and breed by their own hands. You will never forget the taste of village meat and milk products, vegetables, fruits and berries tried here. Wooden Russian banya experience and boat ride along mountain Khor river will be an excellent bonus to your trip! Transfer back to Khabarovsk.